Welcome to a new beginning & the life that you deserve.

Out of Lockdown and ready to become that fit, healthy woman you always knew you could be. 

Dare to dream a healthy dream, a life of vibrant energy….

Welcome to Getting Well Naturally, my name is Merril Bowater ND.

Becoming a Naturopathic Nutitionist & a Personal Wellness Consultant in 2007, was a life changing decision for me. I soon discovered that it’s not just a career, it’s a way of life.

When you study this type of medicine for 4 years, you’ll never look at health or diet in the same way again.

And this is a good thing!

As such, I’m on a mission to treat as many women as possible with this holistic approach to health & wellness.

So why not join me on a wellness journey & enjoy the best health of your life!

Many women spend years on the medical merry-go-round visiting practitioners, doing tests and research without any real improvement in their symptoms and overall health. This endless journey to attain health and wellness is a common theme among the women I have consulted with since beginning my practice in Melbourne’s western suburbs in 2007. 

At GWN we believe in giving our clients every opportunity to get well and stay well. We do this by empowering our clients to understand the root cause of their health concerns and by applying a tailored, holistic treatment plan.

Along the way you will be supported with consultations to review your progress and tweak or implement any treatments as required.

If you have been grappling with recurrent infections (ie thrush, etc) period or hormonal issues, pms, perimenopause, menopause, infertility or any other women’s health concerns we are here to assist you.

We can also help with anxiety, depression, skin problems, gut health, fatigue, and more.

Want more information on how I can help?

Simply call 0477 888 166 or email me at gettingwellnaturally@gmail.com & I’ll happily discuss your most pressing health concern and how I can help you to feel fantastic again!

It could be the most important conversation of your life!

“Inspiring Wellness Through Nature”

Nutrition is often the missing piece of the puzzle when it comes to treating chronic health conditions.

What if it never occurs to you to question your diet or nutritional status, because no-one ever told you that it could be impacting on your health?

Or you simply don’t know where to begin to identify potential nutritional deficiencies that could be the missing link in your successful treatment.

You might be seeing all of the most wonderful healthcare practitioners and taking your prescribed drugs but if your eating and nutrition isn’t right, in can keep you in a never-ending cycle of health maintanence and marginal improvement.

Any type of treatment when combined with tailored nutrition and dietary advice is much more powerful.

The beautiful part of getting dietary and nutritional counselling, is that it will often improve not only your presenting symptoms but others as well. So it doesn’t matter what health condition you present with, we have you covered.

Optimal nutritional status is powerful for women’s health from puperty to menopause, to conceiving a child and beyond.

It helps your skin to glow if you suffer from acne, eczema or more, it balances hormones, fights fatigue and assists with weight loss to name a few.

Sometimes just taking the first step to help yourself get healthier is the hardest part…..

Booking an appointment will expose you to a wonderful new way of thinking that can impact your health and wellness for years to come. And best of all you have nothing to lose…

“The Best Your Health Can Be”

We have all of the best natural treatments and recommendations available to create the next greatest version of you!

Why not make the most of Melbourne’s west and re-emerge from 2021 as the healthy person you’re meant to be!

Getting Well Naturally is your local Nutrition & Naturopathy practice for women living in the western and inner suburbs of Melbourne & CBD. The practice serves women all throughout the western corridor from Spotswood/Yarraville to Caroline Springs, Cairnlea to Altona, the CBD and more.

While our physical practice is based in Spotwood just minutes from Melbourne’s CBD via the Williamstown Rd turnoff from the Western Ring Road in Melbourne’s inner west, our clinic now also has appointments available online via Telehealth. This enables us to provide safe consultations while maintaining continuity of care for our clients health and wellbeing.

Our clients come from a varied array backgrounds and occupations. We have lots of clients who are office workers, teachers, nurses, accountants, managers, writers, producers, photographers, actors, musicians and many more creative careers .

In supporting the local community in Melbourne’s western corridor we also encourage diversity within our clientelle.

As a client of Getting Well Naturally, you will be supported with advice and information to get you to increased levels of health and wellness. We are here to support you to gain the most from your health journey. In between consultations you are free to contact us for advice or clarification of any aspects of your treatment plan.

Telehealth consults are the convenient solution to overhauling your health in your own home, without the need to attend a clinic during this unprecedeted time. There’s no need to wait, a computer, tablet or phone is all you need to access our safe, secure and private consultations. Weekday appointments are available to book online for phone or online consultations.

We can also arrange for natural medicines to be delivered to your door and tests (if required) can be done through our lab at Nutripath all without you needing to leave your home.

So whatever your health challenge, we have you covered! 

We are often lulled into the idea of keeping up our external appearances while neglecting our underlying health and vitality. There’s nothing enjoyable about looking amazing on the outside while feeling exhausted and depleted on the inside.

By clicking onto this website you are on the right path to marrying your good looks with good health and wellness, so you can enjoy life the way it was meant to be.

The GWN Promise:  Iron clad 90 Day Guarantee:
If after 90 days (3 consults spaced 3-4 weeks apart) your initial health concern has not signifiantly improved, depsite following your treatment plans recommendations and supplements, we are commited to repeating the process of consultations over the next 90 days.
Yes that correct! We will give you another in depth health review for an hour, followed by one for 40 mins and 30 mins spaced 3-4 weeks apart absolutely free of charge.
We aim to provide the very best, natural healthcare to women in Melbourne’s western suburbs & CBD. We stand by the experience and care of our Naturopath and the partnerships we have formed with our supplement providers and labs, to get you the best results at the best possible price.

“So if you’re ready to explore optimal wellness through safe, natural & effective treatments we can’t wait to meet you.”

Committed to Dramatically Improving your Health & Wellbeing. You will receive Cutting Edge Health Advice and Highly Effective Natural Medicine to get you feeling fantastic again .

Merril Bowater Naturopath & Nutritionist, Caroline Springs & Brighton, Melbourne

Book today with natural Personal Wellness Consultant Merril Bowater ND, Naturopathic Nutritionist in Spotswood & Melbourne’s western suburbs.

Merril can assist you with Natural Treatments for all improving your immunity, rebalancing your hormones, losing weight, enhancing your skin and increasing your energy & much more!

All Natural Treatments including dietary and lifestyle advice along with targeted nutrients and herbal supplements all individually tailored for you so that you will experience the best outcome and lasting results.

Naturaopath Melbourne

What Do We Do?

We provide you with natural health solutions which are very effective for an wide array of health conditions and lifestyle concerns.

Natural Health Care

How Can You Benefit?

You might like to think of us as being your very own health and wellness coach. We can help you get on track, then stay on track and enjoy being on track.

Naturopath Caroline Springs

What Does it Involve?

New Client Initial Consultation is 1 hour. We provide a caring and professional environment for you to discuss your health concerns with us.


* "I have met with Merril numerous times on Telehealth. In fact, we have never met face to face. The opportunity to consult via Telehealth has made addressing my health concerns really easy and stress free. Merril is really thorough and follows up each appointment with a comprehensive email detailing all recommendations and supplement advice. I will definately continue to see Merril via Telehealth."
Janelle, Tullamarine
* "Thank you Merril for putting me on the right track with immune system support advice. I'm feeling great!! "
Sandra, Bendigo
* " Postive experience and Merril provided me with the advice and confidence to begin my journey to wellness. Thank you Merril."
Ange, Sunbury
* "Getting Well Naturally’s programs and treatments have made me feel full of energy, improved my mood and made me feel better about myself. Merril is very approachable, easy to talk to. A fun approach to the sessions. Highly recommended! "
Kate, Delahey
* "I think the diet and nutrients have made a great improvement to my wellbeing. I have lost weight, have no indigestion and more energy."
Jenny, Burnside
* "At Getting Well Naturally, I felt comfortable knowing that I was in great hands. Merril listened and put gave me more energy and I felt fantastic! I lost weight and started to enjoy life again. The products were all top of the range and I definitely would recommend to anyone"
Louise, Caroline Springs
* Results may vary from person to person

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