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We all have to eat right….so why not eat for health and wellness!

We eat to satisfy hunger and to gain energy, to socialise and for comfort. It’s a basic human need.

But more importantly, food is more than just sustenance, it’s medicinal!

It doesn’t matter what health condition you have, making changes to your diet can improve your health and wellness exponentailly.

For instance, in the case of pain and inflammation, once you become aware of the foods that increase your pain and suffering, you can make a conscious decision to increase foods in your diet that are anti-inflammatory and will make you feel less stiff and sore.

You don’t know, what you don’t know……

We live in an age where you can Google just about anything and get the answer to any question. But what if you don’t know what question to ask to get information you need?

What if it never occurs to you to question your diet because no-one ever told you that it could be impacting on your health?

What if you have vitamin and mineral deficiencies that are making your health condition worse that you’re simply unaware of?

Nutrition is often the missing piece of the puzzle when it comes to treating chronic health conditions. You might be seeing all of the most wonderful therapists and practitioners and taking your prescribed drugs but if your eating isn’t right, in can keep you in a never-ending cycle of health maintenance with marginal improvement.

Any type of treatment when combined with tailored nutrition is much more powerful.

Sometimes just taking the first step to help yourself get healthier is the hardest part. Clicking on the Online Appointment tab will expose you to a wonderful new way of thinking that can impact your health and wellness for years to come.

Right now you can take advantage of our Special Nutrition Offer. Book online and receive 20% OFF an Initial Nutrition Consultation and start getting the answers to a healthier life today!

Committed to Dramatically Improving your Health & Wellbeing. You will receive Cutting Edge Health Advice and Highly Effective Natural Medicine to get you feeling fantastic again .

Merril Bowater Naturopath & Nutritionist, Caroline Springs & Brighton, Melbourne

Book today with Merril Bowater ND,

Naturopathic Nutritionist

conveniently located in

Yarraville, Melbourne,Vic.


Merril can assist you with Natural Treatments for all improving your immunity, rebalancing your hormones, losing weight, enhancing your skin and increasing your energy.

All Natural Treatments including dietary and lifestyle advice along with targeted nutrients and herbal supplements all individually tailored for you so that you will experience the best outcome and lasting results.

Naturaopath Melbourne

What Do We Do?

We provide you with natural health solutions which are very effective for an wide array of health conditions and lifestyle concerns.

Natural Health Care

How Can You Benefit?

You might like to think of us as being your very own health and wellness coach. We can help you get on track, then stay on track and enjoy being on track.

Naturopath Caroline Springs

What Does it Involve?

New Client Initial Consultation is 1 hour. We provide a caring and professional environment for you to discuss your health concerns with us.


* "Getting Well Naturally’s programs and treatments have made me feel full of energy, improved my mood and made me feel better about myself. Merril is very approachable, easy to talk to. A fun approach to the sessions. Highly recommended! "
Kate of Delahey
* "I think the diet and nutrients have made a great improvement to my wellbeing. I have lost weight, have no indigestion and more energy."
Jenny of Burnside
* "At Getting Well Naturally, I felt comfortable knowing that I was in great hands. Merril listened and put gave me more energy and I felt fantastic! I lost weight and started to enjoy life again. The products were all top of the range and I definitely would recommend to anyone"
Louise, Caroline Springs
* Results may vary from person to person

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