We all have entrenched ideas about what ‘ageing’ looks like.

As we grow older we expect to see irreversible changes in our eyesight, hearing, weight, mobility, drive, memory, aches and pains and independence.

It’s a depressing outlook.

Comments such as ‘men mellow with age’ are commonplace.
In reality, many of these changes are just a refection that the hormones that once made men assertive and dynamic have dropped.

Andropause or male menopause is just androgen (testosterone) deficiency. This takes place from the 40’s onwards (occasionally earlier) and it redefines many of the characteristics that we associate with a healthy, virile male.

Declining testosterone levels affect a man’s stamina and endurance, memory, muscle mass, fat mass, mental health, libido and overall sense of motivation, confidence and drive.

Many men no longer recognize themselves in the mirror.

For women, it’s the deficiency of estrogen, progesterone and testosterone during Menopause from the late forties to early fifties (and the changes that happen throughout Perimenopause) that creates an overwhelming feeling that their youthfulness is gone.

Once shapely legs are now laced with varicose veins, cellulite and bruises as the skin thins and loses its muscle tone.

Random aches and pains in the muscles and joints often replace a fit and agile former self. Fat mass accumulates in the abdominal region and can prove very hard to shift.

Libido drops due to a decrease in desire and thinning/dryness of the vaginal tissue is a further blow to her femininity.

An increase in hair grow on the face in addition to more wrinkles and sagginess in the breasts paints a very sad picture.

However, we live in an age when anything is possible. Ageing is optional.

Natural anti-ageing strategies are here to help so you can enjoy your best life possible.

Through a combination of diet, lifestyle, exercise and nutritional supplementation, it is possible to look and feel years younger.