The long school holiday break can be a challenging time for parents.

The pace of modern life is such that even the holidays can seem like a marathon. Things that should be enjoyable become can unbearable, as the energy needed to keep everyone ‘busy’ throughout the break is slowly depleted.

Endless rounds of cooking, cleaning, washing and shopping, while keeping everyone entertained with sport and other activities, can make the holidays seem more like work than play.

Many parents are also juggling the holidays with busy jobs which can make for a pretty stressful and overwhelming couple of weeks, in particular if you’ve had family and friends to entertain as well.

While, none of these things are bad in themselves, when they coincide together for weeks on end, cabin fever can bring things to breaking point.

In the lead-up to the new school year, it’s not uncommon for parents to feel completely exhausted, as they drop their children off at school and finally take some time for themselves. (That is after they’ve cleaned the house…yet again!)

And once everyone is back to their usual work and school routine, things usually subside. Energy and mood improves and parents begin to feel like themselves again.

However, this is not always the case. For many people, the fatigue simply lingers on. They begin the new year feeling as though they’d had not break at all.

If you’re struggling with low energy take the time to put yourself first, you deserve it!

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