In recent times I’ve noticed a huge increase in the number of women coming to the clinic for persistent Thrush.

Their stories of suffering from this condition are heartbreaking. Listening to my clients recounting their miserable and humiliating symptoms of vaginal itching and stinging, vaginal discharge like cottage cheese, fatigue and pain on intercourse, it’s easy to see why women can feel completely exhausted and demoralized.

One of the most heartbreaking things of all is the impact it can have on a woman’s fertility. Most of these women will struggle to fall pregnant despite treating themselves with over the counter pressaries, creams and prescribed medications. It’s frustrating for these women to use the treatment options suggested by their pharmacist or GP only to receive minimal or no lasting relief from the symptoms of thrush.

Indeed all that’s really happening here, is the superficial treatment of the symptoms without an effort to address the root cause of the Candida infection. This is where the Naturopathic treatment of Thrush is different. Once our clients understand the contributing factors behind a Candida infection they have the power to defeat it.

Through a combination of natural therapies our clients recover fully from this debilitating condition.

Our clients also learn how to head off further Thrush infections by being aware of the things which allow it to take hold.

And best of all our clients are failing pregnant too!

So if you are suffering with a Thrush infection that’s resistant to treatment why not try a new approach today.

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