Without knowing this essential information you and your family can be unwittingly consuming artifical colors, flavors, neurotoxins, sweetners, sugars, harmful trans fats, unwanted calories, empty calories (from sugar and all of it’s cousins) and poor quality nutrition.

Foods (especially processed foods) affect attention span, mood, behavior, skin health, motivation, weight gain, immunity, reproductive and digestive health to name a few. The body struggles to deal with all of these foreign chemicals and will instead store them as fat. So anyone wanting to lose weight in 2021, really needs to know what’s in the food their consuming if weight loss is to be successful.

Comparing groceries in terms of their health ratings, ingredients, nutritional profile and packaging can be difficult for the untrained eye.

How do you know if one product at the supermaket is better than another on the same shelf? The sheer volume of different choices all vying for your attention can be overwhelming.

Terms such as low fat, gluten free, high fibre, lactose free, low sodium and sugar free can further complicate matters and make it more difficult to discern the best option for you and your family.

It’s often the small print on the ingredients list or nutrition panel that defines the best choice. Knowing how to read these key points can help you make an informed, healthy choice.

So with this in mind, I am offering Supermarket Shopping Tours in Yarraville & Caroline Springs, Victoria in Melbourne’s western suburbs for the first time in 2021!

It takes just 30 minutes to learn how to read ingredients lists, nutrition labels and to understand how to compare one product against another.

This service would normally be $79, however, for a limited time you can book a 30 minute tour for just $50!

To book for this service please email gettingwellnaturally@gmail.com.