I came to Melbourne in 2002 to work in television production and prior to this I worked in regional television. Not surprisingly, many of the clients that I see are in the media and entertainment industries. From event management to producers, actors, photographers, journalists, playwriters and musicians.

Having worked behind the scenes in television production for 5 years, I can attest that this a very demanding yet immensely rewarding industry to work in. However, It can also burn people out if they don’t take care of themselves. Long hours, tight deadlines, working live to air with no margin for error, all demand a high level of energy and focus.

Recently, I attended a concert for 21 Pilots and I was again reminded of the level of intensity that’s required to perform at your peak on a continual basis. The band’s lead singer spoke in an interview recently about the need to source good food while on tour, as they often eat late after their show. In the band’s early days, only fast food outlets were open at that time of night. Now they have catering and this has made tremendous difference to their energy and wellbeing while on tour.

If you work in the entertainment industry I can help you to achieve your best health at work and at play.