The final burst of summer was exceptionally hot and dry in Melbourne this year. Temperatures in the high 30’s set the stage for sleep deprivation and difficulty finishing even the simplest of tasks, as we attempted to stay awake and motivated in the unrelenting heat.

This has been followed by a week of much milder temperatures, a chill in the air and a sprinkling of rain as we entered Autumn.

It’s certainly easier to sleep now the nights have cooled down. However with sun down now arriving earlier, there is also a sense of wanting to go to bed earlier and this is compounded by having more difficulty waking up, as it’s comfortably warm under the donna!

Hibernation mode is kicking in. It’s becoming harder to plan activities in the evenings now than it was on the long, warm sunny days. This is nature’s was of easing us into the cooler months of the year where we cocoon ourselves against the elements and stay indoors more.

The change of seasons also brings with it more colds, flus, runny noses, sneezing, headaches, muscle and joint aches and fatigue.

Thankfully there are lots of natural ways of dealing with these maladies. Getting enough sleep is crucial to recovery.

As is giving yourself some TLC and listening to what your body needs. If that means calling in sick for a day or two, it’s better to do that than push on and potentially make yourself worse.

Hot lemon, honey and ginger drinks, clear soups with onion and garlic and light nourishing foods should have you feeling tip top in no time.

However, if these simply measures don’t have you feeling better within a week, then you may have some underlying health or diet concerns that we can address to boost your immunity as we head into winter.

Don’t hesitate to book an initial Naturopathic consult if you experience any lingering health concerns.