The recent horrifying events in New Zealand and the blanket media coverage that has followed, is heartbreaking and stories of survival and devastation are everywhere we look.

Every TV station, every radio channel, every news stand on social media and the world wide web.

Our hearts go out to our NZ neighbors as we all struggle to understand how this could have happened.

Teenagers are living in a world where the flow of news is more accessible and more pervasive than ever before. Before they’ve barely woken up, they’re bombarded with social media new feeds on their phones, bringing them up to date on all the latest details that have happened while they were asleep.

The constant availability of such information at a moments notice, can produce a heightened sense of anxiety and depression in young people.

In the last few weeks the news has been dominated by stories of child sex abuse and this week it’s terrorist attacks in NZ. Is it any wonder that our young people are experiencing higher rates of mental health issues that ever before.

Teens worry about everything. They may not always tell their parents but it can show up in an inability to sleep, socialize, eat and attend school.  They may have less motivation for doing things that they normally enjoy, less concentration and feelings of being overwhelmed. They take on these worldly worries in addition to their normal daily lives and it can quickly become all too much.

Encouraging your teen to take a holistic approach to their life can help them regain their sense of mental and emotional wellbeing.

Persistent negative thoughts and fears must be addressed and natural health care can be employed to great effect in boosting their feelings of positivity and happiness.

Eating well, sleeping well and focusing on the good in their world, can help to rebalance their thinking and allow them to stress less.