Discover exactly what Adrenal Fatigue is and what you can do to get over it.

Adrenal Fatigue can lead to exhaustionDo you find daily living an exhausting struggle? From the moment you’re alarm goes off in the morning until you’re head hits the pillow at night?

In today’s fast paced world, the constant drain on your mental and physical energy reserves are immense.

Ever fallen in a heap on holidays? Exhausted sleep-ins replace frenetic daily activity as your nervous system is finally able to rest…….

But what if you never take a holiday?

What if you’re constantly pushing yourself with stimulants just to get through the day?

What happens when you’re body can’t take it any more? When all you’re old coping mechanisms like caffeine, exercise, creating drama, anger alcohol and cigarettes no longer give you the boost they once did.

Then what ?

Then you’ll experience Adrenal Burnout or Adrenal Fatigue which can turn into Chronic Fatigue and create weeks if not months and years of physical, mental and emotional exhaustion.

Years in the making, your body literally forces you to give it the rest it needs.

In contrast to the frenetic activity you’re used to, you now find yourself barely able to get out of bed or muster any kind of motivation to do anything…… mild depression can also set in as you find it almost impossible to do what you once did effortlessly.

Your body is designed to have a balance of rest and energy.

Your Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS) pumps adrenalin through your body increasing your BP, sugar levels, alertness and blood flow to your limbs to allow you to react quickly to stress.

The body never intended for this initial stress reaction, dubbed the Fright and Flight response, to be a prolonged way of living. And yet this is where most people spend their daily lives, anxiously living on the edge.

After a while the body goes into the resistance phase of the stress response and here it just manages to cope. Pumping out adrenalin whenever you’re under stress and producing ever smaller amounts of cortisol to bring you back down again.

In an effort to spare cortisol, the body makes less Progesterone which affects a woman’s ability to buffer Oestrogen levels. This results in a shorter menstrual cycle, miscarriages, PMS, sore breasts, fibroids and cysts, among other things.

Sustained stress is also leads to depression, lowered immunity, stiff sore muscles and headaches, digestive, heart and blood sugar problems, difficulty concentrating and remembering things, weight gain and of course fatigue.

The final phase is Adrenal Fatigue is creating chronic fatigue which is the only way the body can force you to rest, in order to restore your nervous system and the adrenals (stress glands) themselves.

Your Parasympathetic Nervous System’s (PNS) job is to promote rest, relaxation and digestion. It calms and heals the body.

The only problem is that the demands of your daily life haven’t changed but your ability to respond has.

No matter how hard you try, when your adrenals are burnout, holding down a job, running a household and keeping up with everyday activities is virtually impossible…..all you want to do is sleep.

Your energy levels are a precious resource.

Through a combination of targeted nutrients, diet, herbs and lifestyle recommendations you can once again live a full and active life.

Learning how to keep you nervous system in balance is the key.

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