Why am I Feeling Tired all the Time?

In this short article you’ll discover,

  • why most people feel tired all the time, but more importantly

  • what you can do about it and that you can do to get over it.

Clients often ask us,

“Why do I feel tired all the time even with sleep?”

“Why do I fell tired and dizzy all the time?”,

“Why am I tired and hungry all the time?”

“Why am I tired and depressed all the time?”

Unfortunately tiredness can be a symptom of so many conditions. Fortunately though, for those looking for answers we do see some common themes.

So why do you feel tired all the time and what are the commonest causes of tiredness?

Adrenal Fatigue is now one of the commonest conditions Australians suffer from due to our western lifestyle. Extreme tiredness is of course one of it’s major symptoms.

In the old days, Adrenal Fatigue was called a Nervous Breakdown. The net effect of too much stress for too long helped along by copious amounts of stimulants such as coffee, drugs and sugar, eventually leads to a virtual collapse of the body and mind.

Living on the edge for too long can result in a complete lack of motivation and interest in everything. Feeling drained and tired, both mentally and physically, digestive problems such as bloating and constipation, mood swings, low libido, difficulty concentrating and learning new things.

The adrenals (otherwise known as the stress glands) and are responsible for the production of adrenalin (the brain’s equivalent to caffeine) and cortisol (the brain’s equivalent to soothing music). When the brain is ‘over-caffeinated’ it cannot respond to even the simplest energy demands because it’s basically overworked and burnout therefore adrenalin just doesn’t work the way it used to. The result is a very flat battery of an existence.

When the adrenals reach the end of their tether they drag the thyroid down too. This further complicates the symptom picture with people now experiencing rapid weight gain, feeling cold and having dry skin, depression and fertility issues as their metabolism goes into the slow lane.

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Do you have a Candida Infection?

Candida is also another condition that we are seeing more and more of. Now even if you think Candida could affect you, here’s some facts you might find interesting:

  • Not all suffers of Candida have the visual the symptoms of Thrush.
  • Canadida’s symptoms (which include extreme tiredness, etc) are wide and varied and can mimic other medical conditions. Therefore, it’s commonly misdiagnosed or not diagnosed at all.
  • There is a simple test that you can take that will show if you are affected.
  • Candida can be treated very effectively, with “all natural” treatments which can offer permanent relief.
  • Once you get on top of your Candida you will regain your energy of overcome your tiredness (along with overcoming numerous other symptoms). Call 0409 352 478 today.

Other causes of tiredness helped with natural medicine include:

Anaemia, hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism and depression to name a few. Natural medicine and nutrients treat the whole person, not just the disease. So regardless of what’s causing the fatigue, we address the root cause of the problem and increase energy and vitality naturally. Call 0409 352 478 today.

Why Women are tired all the time?

Women frequently suffer from hormonal imbalances such as oestrogen dominance and progesterone deficiency and heavy periods, premenstrual tension, PCOS, menstrual irregularities, cysts and fibroids, peri-menopause and menopause.

Tiredness in pregnancy is also commonplace. Deficiencies of vital nutrients such as iron, folate, essential fatty acids and numerous other vitamins and minerals as well as high blood glucose levels and high blood pressure and carrying excess weight can all create fatigue in pregnancy. Call Ph: 0409 352 478 today to get the energy you deserve.

A common cause for tiredness in men over 40.

Low testosterone or Andropause frequently occurs in men over 40. It causes a vast array of symptoms and fatigue is a major one.

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Common causes of tiredness in children.

The main causes of tiredness in children are allergies and food intolerances, infections, anaemia, lack of sleep, lack of exercise, constipation, eating too much sugar, refined carbohydrates and artificial colours, flavours, and preservatives, etc.

Are your batteries flat?

Inside almost every cell of your body has a Mitochondria or battery which provides the energy to keep you 100% alert and active.

Without specific nutrients from the diet, the mitochondria cannot work properly. This leads to prolonged tiredness until the situation is remedied with the nutrients they crave.

However, whilst diet is a cornerstone treatment for fatigue and tiredness, most clients require high potency, targeted supplements to get them back on track quickly. Call Ph: 0409 352 478 today.

Anxiety, depression and stress

Fatigue and mental health go hand in hand. The worse the fatigue, the harder it is to get everyday things done.

This can lead to irritability and frustration (anxiety) or deep despair and feelings of hopelessness, as seen in depression. Clients also often complain of memory problems and foggy thinking along with their fatigue. And whilst this can be brought about by numerous factors such as stress, it’s typically found to be associated with food allergies and intolerances.

Identifying foods which provoke these symptoms and then eliminating or rotating them in the diet can do wonders for reducing fatigue, tiredness and improving brain power.

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So how do we restore your vitality?

The first step to find out why you feel tired all the time. Most of these common conditions can be easily tested for. Once the condition is confirmed we can then use, “all natural” treatments which are super effective as they go right to the cause which is essential for permanent and lasting relief.

Most of these treatments consist of simple lifestyle changes, dietary and nutritional changes as well as natural supplements which are designed to assist your recovery.

These are the conditions and symptoms that we commonly see and treat, therefore relief is at hand. There’s no reason whatsoever, why you need to continue feeling tired all the time.

Constant tiredness is not normal and definitely not something you have to live with.

So contact us today so you can get the answers you need and the relief you deserve.

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