Natural Fertility and The Role of a Fertility Naturopath

“The Role of a Fertility Naturopath is Prepare the Parents with Natural Fertility Treatments to Produce the Healthiest & Happiest Babies Possible.”

Each year thousands of couples experience the agony and frustration of infertility. According to Australian statistics, 15-18% of couples are infertile and in many instances, no medical reason can be found to explain their inability to conceive a child. Many will turn to IVF assisted reproductive technology, to make their dreams of parenthood a reality. In fact as far back as 2005, 5% of Australian couples had used IVF. Six years on this figure continues to grow. Unfortunately, as groundbreaking and amazing as IVF is, it doesn’t guarantee a successful pregnancy and the financial and emotional toll can be high.

The alternative is to maximize a couple’s fertility through natural means. Indeed, a holistic approach can often work wonders by enhancing a couples general health and wellbeing. All aspects of the prospective parents lives are examined to pinpoint areas of ‘disharmony’ which can be brought back into balance through dietary and lifestyle changes and nutritional and herbal therapies.

Like peeling the layers of an onion, the underlying root cause of the problem is identified and treated in the most natural and effective means possible. Nature intends for us to produce the healthiest offspring possible in order to maintain the human race. If the parents-to-be are continually rundown, stressed, eating a poor diet, not getting sufficient exercise, have nutritional deficiencies or are exposed to environmental chemicals, they’re not going to be in a position to create or sustain a pregnancy. Once these issues have been resolved, a healthy pregnancy is much more achievable.

Prospective parents are screened for the key drivers behind infertility such as being overloaded with toxins, carrying excess weight, hormonal dis-regulation, insulin resistance and systemic candida infections.

Some women have medically diagnosed conditions such as Endometriosis, PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome), Fibroids/Cysts and other reproductive problems which can affect their ability to conceive. Addressing these health issues through natural means can increase her chances of becoming a mother by getting her health and wellbeing back into balance. Once these underlying issues have been dealt with the mother-to-be will move onto a specialized fertility plan.

For the mum-to-be this entails a comprehensive health assessment, charting her monthly cycle to pinpoint her best chances to conceive, keeping a log of her temperature throughout the month and experimenting with a new diet and lifestyle regime. It may also involve a detoxification program and/or a weight loss program.

The father-to-be’s health is also taken into consideration and he may also be required to follow a natural health program to increase his chances of a successfully conceiving. Fathers-to-be are also be given a health make-over as natural fertility hinges on the overall health of both parents.

Ensuring that both parents are consuming a diet rich in nutrients and taking the necessary supplements to improve not only their health but also that of their child, is an essential part of the natural fertility approach. This is known as preconception care.

The emerging science of Epigenetics (or gene expression based on the environment, pollution, stress, alcohol, maternal diet, and nutritional deficiencies) has wide ranging effects on the DNA of the unborn child. The more knowledgeable prospective parents are about these issues, the greater their ability to minimize the risk to their unborn child.

For instance, there are numerous nutrients that are necessary to ensure the health of your growing baby. Not knowing the nutritional requirements of your baby can have far reaching effects beyond miscarriage, anemia and pre-eclampsia of pregnancy.

For instance, folic acid is essential to ensure that your child isn’t born with Spina Bifida. This condition is dependent on the amount of folate in the mother’s body when the neural tube closes over around 6 weeks of gestation. A time when many women are unaware that they are pregnant.

Therefore there is much that Natural Fertility Treatments can do for a couple to increase their fertility and their ability to start a family.

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