When it comes to NUTRITION . . . .

Did you know not all so called “Healthy Foods” are good for everyone ?

Good NutritionIf you’ve ever felt overwhelmed or just plain confused about the types of foods that are good for you, then you’re not alone. Everyday we’re bombarded by advertisements and the media, all giving conflicting advice about the types of food that we should eat.

Based on this information most people are doing their best to eat what is generally considered to be a healthy diet, only to be continually frustrated by an inability to lose weight and achieve a feeling of wellbeing.

Everyday millions of people suffer from diseases which are largely preventable (i.e. heart disease, depression, diabetes, obesity, etc.). Often these diseases develop as a result of poor diet and lifestyle choices and numerous other underlying causes such as chronic inflammation, insulin resistance, food allergies, nutritional deficiencies, stress, dysfunctional relationships, environmental toxins, etc.

But did you know that everyone has different nutritional needs? Not all so called “Healthy Foods” are good for everyone. So it’s important to find out the exact foods which are beneficial and detrimental to YOUR health. Naturopathic practice is to treat the person not the disease. Everyone is different. What produces a headache in one person may produce constipation in another person. Naturopathy and Nutrition is about getting to know YOU and what conditions YOU are susceptible to. Knowing this information can mean the difference between feeling rundown, overweight, tired and depressed or being full of energy and achieving a natural healthy weight.

Correcting nutritional deficiencies can make a tremendous difference to your overall health and wellbeing. A deficiency of even one nutrient can have wide ranging and serious effects on the body. Nutritional deficiencies are rampant in western societies and many foods and drinks which we consume each day (i.e. refined carbohydrates, caffeinated beverages) further deplete our nutritional status.

People interested in staying healthy often read or hear of a fantastic nutrient in the media and then go to their supermarket to buy it. While this is to be commended, it really does pay to know what you are buying. I have personally come across multivitamins for children which contain Sodium Saccharin. This is a chemical sweetener which can affect a child’s behaviour and has also been linked to brain cancer. Preservatives such as these have no place in nutritional products, much less ones which are meant for children.

Self-prescribing nutrients can be tempting but you could be wasting your money on inferior products. All of the nutritional and naturopathic products prescribed at the clinic are clinically tested and thoroughly researched. They are given in therapeutic doses and contain only the best absorbed forms of the nutrient so they will do you the most good.

Naturopathy and Nutrition is all about educating and empowering people so that they can improve their health and vitality. This may translate into dietary and lifestyle changes, exercise and stress reduction techniques, nutritional or herbal supplementation.

For me practicing natural medicine and nutrition is an absolute delight. My clients continually benefit from the latest clinical research and ongoing practitioner support and training. Best of all, natural medicine and naturopathic treatments typically get to the root cause of the problem rather than simply masking the symptoms and effecting no real change in the client’s wellbeing. This enables my clients to experience optimal health and wellness with little or no side-effects.

By making an appointment today at Getting Well Naturally, Naturopathic Clinic, you will be taking an hour of your time to come and learn what’s good for YOU. This will set you on the path to a lifetime of health and wellness because when it comes to your health, consuming the right foods and nutrients is the best health insurance you’ll ever have.

Imagine if you could turn your life around before it is too late. Experience the difference that natural medicine and nutrition can make in ensuring you achieve optimal health and vitality.

Investing in Preventative Health Care really is the best time and money you’ll ever spend.

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