Whenever I think of natural medicine I think of this phrase.

Everything we absorb from the atmosphere (ie pollution, tobacco smoke, electromagnetic radition from devices such as TV’s, mobiles, computers, etc) coupled with everything that we ingest ie food, drinks, alcohol, drugs (prescription or recreational) has an effect on our health.

Just as our interactions with family, friends, coworkers and indeed anyone that we come in contact with, has an impact on our health.

Our family history has an impact on our health.

Our work has an impact on our health.

Our exercise or daily movements has an impact on our health.

In fact our health and wellbeing is so interconnected with everything and everyone that we come in contact with, that it takes a holistic approach to bring it into alignment.

When my clients come to see me they are effectively taking charge of their health.

Creating a sense of health and wellness that only comes from understanding how everything in the body is connected.

Thus, natural medicine is for people who want to think about how their environment, lifestyle, diet, family history, work and relationships are impacting on their health. Only then can they make targeted improvements in all areas of their life and wellness.

Let me give you an example:

Serena is a 34 yr old office worker in a managerial position. She is married with two children aged 5 & 13 yrs. She works full time and spends her weekends and evenings catching up on cooking, shopping, taking children to soccer training/games and occasionally has time for herself with some days of leisure during the school holidays.

She is often stressed, anxious and exhausted. Just getting through the week is a major feat.

She wonders if her increasing weight and emotional wellbeing could be improved by taking a natural approach?

And the answer is YES, YES, YES!

Serena (although fictional) does represent many of the women I have helped since starting my practice in 2007 in Melbourne’s western suburbs.

Time poor, always in a hurry, no time for herself, too many demands on her time and her body is starting to feel rundown and sluggish.

Sometimes just making a few tweaks to our lifestyle and diet can make a world of difference to our health.

Sometimes we just need a new perspective to alter our beliefs and habits for the better.

Sometimes we just need someone to look at our life and health overall and provide practical advice that we can implement straight away to begin to feel better.

Are you ready to feel better?

Contact us today or book online because GWN understands women & your health is our priority.

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