The April 1st, 2019 deadline for health fund rebates to be cut for Naturopathy is looming large.

If you have been following the blog posts to date, you will see that over 100,000 people signed a petition which lead to the Federal Ombudsman being put on the case to investigate the flawed research that was used to conclude that Naturopathy was ineffective and that the health care rebates given by health insurers should be banned.

Since then, the Federal Health Minister, Mr Greg Hunt has received 11,000 emails calling for a lift on the ban on health funds to continue to offer health insurance rebates for Naturopathy.

With an upcoming federal election there has never been a better time to have your voice heard!

Feel free to send Mr Hunt your experiences and thoughts on how Naturopathy has benefited you.

The Your Health, Your Choice Campaign has recently published a world’s first study on the effectiveness of Naturopathy.

Please visit their website for more information.