Why women are always Constantly Tired and how you can Prevent it from happening to you.

Why women get tiredIn this short article we look at two often overlooked Nutritional Causes for Women who experience Constant Tiredness.

Most women assume their constant tiredness is caused by having a busy work load and family life, insufficient sleep or stress. But as demanding as the modern woman’s life is, there are many other underlying factors that cause tiredness too.

Chief among them is Iron deficiency. Women are at risk of iron deficiency from puberty to menopause, the child baring years. Heavy periods, fibroids and cysts all contribute to significant iron loss on a monthly basis. This may cause a lack of stamina, breathlessness on exertion, dizziness, trouble concentrating, pale skin, headaches, chest pain and more.

Many iron supplements are full of elemental Iron which is difficult to absorb and causes constipation and nausea. Therefore, maintaining the treatment can create even more problems! A natural iron supplement with the right cofactors (nutrients to help the Iron be absorbed) is the best choice to improve iron levels and energy.

Diet is also essential to increasing Iron levels. It’s best to discuss your diet with a Nutritionist so they can advise you on ways of combining foods to maximise your Iron absorption and the best foods to eat. Without this information, all the Iron supplements in the world could still leave you tired.

And whist we are on the subject of diet….certain foods contain ’empty calories’ which means they give you loads of energy but have no nutritional value. This causes a quick spike in your blood sugar so you’ll feel a short boost of energy followed by a slump once the sugar wears off. Overtime, this can lead to hypoglycaemia and diabetes.

You can recognise these foods by their colour ‘white’. These refined foods are otherwise known as simple carbohydrates. They include sugar, white flour, white bread, white biscuits, etc. It has been said that “we’ve never been so well fed and yet so undernourished”.

So if your diet is full of these types of energy sapping foods, you need to learn how to replace or minimise these foods and make better choices to achieve sustained energy.

Nutritional information can be conflicting and confusing. Taking the time to discuss your unique dietary habits and health can make a world of difference to your life.