Throughout my time in practing in the western suburbs of Melbourne and elsewhere, I’ve noticed a consistent theme of clients presenting with Candida infections.

These fungal/yeast infections are endemic in our society. Clients often struggle for years with a baffling array of seemingly unconnected or random symptoms, without any proper explanation or resolution.

The merry-go-round of GP’s and specialists visits, tests and medications can be extremely exhausting for clients who just want answers and a treatment that works.

If they’re lucky enough to present with a known fungal infection such as Thrush, then they will receive some anti-fungal treatment either topically or taken as a pill but once they go off the medication it rears its ugly head again.

These infections are insidious. Many of my clients present with a host of seemingly unrelated symptoms and we uncover a Candida infection.

Sometimes if you’re unlucky enough, you can be infected with a bacterial and fungal infection at the same site, such as in the sinuses, which antibiotics will only be partially successful in treating. What’s more, the antibiotics will encourage the growth of yet more fungal problems elsewhere in the body.

So if you have a recurrent Thrush or suspect that you have an underlying health issue, book in today to be screened for Candida. You’ll be glad you did.